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Rollossus is a world where feral enemies lurk around every turn. To end the chaos and defeat the Rollossus, evade your foes around a hellish landscape. An otherworldy, harrowing take on traditional ball rolling games, Rollossus surprises you with intense chases and narrow escapes.

Destroy the towers to destroy The Rollossus using a powerful array of abilities that keep you a half-step in front of your lethal attackers. Use your super jump to soar high above your adversaries and survey the chaos below. Stop on a dime, slow time, and weave between The Rollossus' minions. Clear impossible chasms and dangerous obstacles with your tether. Boost pads around the world will give you a gap between the onslaught of grotesque enemies pursuing you. 

Roll for your life.

Install instructions

Unzip and play the executable.
You will need DirectX redistributable, as well as 2015/2017 Visual Studio C++ redistributable.


Rollossus1.03.zip 565 MB

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